Why You Should Date Someone Who Makes Love Easy.

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Recently, Liane White took to her blog with words of wisdom we all need to hear. The 20-something is well used to the dredges of the dating game and decided enough was enough… people needed to hear the truth. The young woman has the perfect solution for anyone struggling with finding their forever. Check it out below.

Date someone who makes you feel safe. Someone you can tell your deepest secrets to and they won’t judge you. Someone you trust not to give up on you when the going gets tough. Someone whose affection towards you never wavers whether things are going smoothly or when he’s facing a crisis.

There is no malice in his words when he talks to you, no sarcasm in his remarks, and no intention to hurt you. He won’t belittle you in your abilities. He won’t insult your looks and body. He won’t use you for his selfish purposes.

He strives to be the light in your life, the love in your heart, and the forever you believe in. He makes the effort when it comes to you. He isn’t afraid of going the extra mile and he is willing to move heaven and earth to be with you.

Date someone you can trust your heart with and who you know you can always count on.
He knows you are who he’s looking for and he’s certain of his feelings for you.

There are no obstacles too big to be conquered, no wrong timing that needs to be right, and no unwavering of heart that deters both of you from getting together. There are no exes in the picture or in his life. There are no girls he wants to impress or at the sideline waiting to take your place.

You are the only one he wants to know and the only girl in his heart.

He kisses your tears away tenderly and encourages you to pick yourself up and try again. He heals the fragmented pieces of your heart by loving you with his whole heart. He becomes a permanent spot in your life and loves you to infinity and beyond.

He talks to you from the crack of dawn to nightfall and never runs out of words to say. You can feel his presence with you from the moment you open your eyes until you fall asleep with a smile on your face, knowing he will still be there when you wake up. He wants to know what you are thinking and your opinion on everything. He adores your quirks and flaws, as they make you, you.

Date someone who makes love easy.

He doesn’t play mind games with you or deceive your feelings. He doesn’t switch into a completely different person every time you see him, so much so, that you won’t know which version of him is real. He makes you forget about all the insignificant things like who should text first and to refrain from appearing too interested. He makes you want to abandon all your misgivings and hesitation about love and believes in second chances.

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