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Want To Get Rid Of Bad Morning Breath – Here’s How

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After a good night sleep you wake up to that smelly morning breath, what an unpleasant way to start your day. It doesn’t matter who you are, the offender or offending party. There is an effective solution to reduce this bad breath.

But before we discuss the solution, let’s understand the cause and physiology behind bad morning breath. Why is it that every morning you have to wiggle your nose to deal with that septic tank smell either from your or from your partners mouth.

Cause of Bad Breath

Do you know that saliva is your mouths best friend? It not only keeps your mouth clean by preventing food to stick to your tongue and mouth, but also helps in controlling the growth of odor causing bacteria. Saliva is rich in oxygen and thus, keeps a check on the growth of foul stink causing anaerobic bacteria.

When you are sleeping, production of saliva decreases, this gives anaerobic bacteria an opportunity to multiply and cause bad breath. You breathing at night also make your mouth dry, thus, favoring the bacteria and creating more havoc.

Now, since you know the causes, it’s better to get acquainted to some solutions which will help you to combat bad morning breath.

Brush before hitting the sack

Brushing before you get into the sheets is the best way to remove food particles and some bacteria. Brushing discourages the growth of bacteria and prevents you getting up with a stinking mouth.

Keep hydrated
Since your mouth gets parched during night, it’s better to keep a water filled glass at your bed side. You can keep sipping from it whenever you wake-up during night. Drinking a glass of water before you prepare yourself for a trip to dreamland is also helpful.

Do Floss

Brushing should always be accompanied by flossing to ensure that the spaces between the teeth are as clean as the rest of the mouth. Flossing sweeps out food particles from the difficult places from where brush cant.

Avoid alcohol based Mouthwashes

Mouthwashes are always a good idea for better oral hygiene but if you are using an alcohol based mouthwash then reconsider it. It might be good to control oral bacteria but it’s harsh on soft gums and teeth. Moreover, alcohol content in it leaves your mouth dry and indirectly helps the odor causing anaerobic microbial growth.

Limit Alcohol intake

Avoid drinking or limiting Alcohol before hitting the sack, as explained earlier it dries your mouth and causes stinking odor by accelerating bacterial growth.

Refrain from smoking

There is no denying to the fact that smoking is injurious to your health and it only makes your mouth smell like the garbage bin. So, why not choose good health and reduce the severity of odor of the morning breath.

Opt for munchies which combat Bad Breath

Eating a bowl of sugar free yoghurt helps in keeping bad morning breath at bay as it has plenty of good bacteria in it. Munching on vitamin C rich fruits like orange, kiwis, berries as they also help in staving off bad breath. But be precautious to take these fruits if you suffer from acid reflux or GERD.

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