This Teen is ‘Planned Parenthood’s Worst Nightmare’

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Teen Vogue sparked massive controversy with its recent gift guide titled, “What to Get a Friend Post-Abortion.” The guide, which includes an “angry uterus” heating pad, poetry, and a Ruth Bader Ginsburg coloring book, is also accompanied by some pro-choice language that has sparked furor among critics.

“Abortion is something that many women feel like they can’t talk about, even amongst themselves, which creates a false stigma. The more we hide something, the more confusing it becomes,” the gift list’s description reads. “But she shouldn’t have to feel ashamed, because she made the right choice for her situation. She is not ready to carry a pregnancy to term — and that’s OK.”

One teen was apparently so bothered by the gift list that she released a nearly 10-minute video response through pro-life group Students for Life, decrying Teen Vogue and defending her pro-life values.

“Since I’m a teen, this was directed toward me and I would like to respond,” Autumn, 16, said in the clip, dismissing the article as both “disgusting” and “disrespectful.” “The point of the article was to make the situation seem as lighthearted and nonchalant as possible in order to convince girls my age that abortion is no big deal.”

She continued, “Abortion is a big deal — a very big deal — and to say it is not is simply feeding us a lie.”

Autumn went on to say that none of the gifts on the list would make her feel better about having an abortion, proceeded to critique each one — and concluded by offering up places that post-abortive and pregnant women can go for resources and counseling.

“My version of girl power is knowing that I am valuable and precious,” she passionately proclaimed.Students for Life unveiled the video by dubbing Autumn “Planned Parenthood’s worst nightmare,” proceeding to note that there are many young Americans who share her views.

“If we were Planned Parenthood, we’d be terrified of Autumn and the pro-life generation she represents: an educated, articulate and passionate one,” the organization said in a statement announcing the video. “A generation that cares deeply about human rights and equality of all people, which extends to the preborn.”

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