This Bonobo Starts Fires,Cooks His Own Food AND can also speak…watch shocking video

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Kanzi, a 33-year-old ape residing at The Great Ape Trust & Learning Center in Iowa, has already made headline several times for his astonishing linguistic aptitude. But recently, it appears that the easygoing bonobo chimp also has developed a new interest,

Kanzi has mastered a number of impressive skills, most notably being able to start a fire and cook his own food. Supplied with marshmallows, he will gather twigs, light the fire, and then roast them before savoring their gooey flesh. He has also been seen roasting hamburgers on a pan over the fire.

“Kanzi makes fire because he wants to. He used to watch the film Quest For Fire when he was very young which was about early man struggling to control fire. He watched it spellbound over and over hundreds of times.” Dr. Savage-Rumbaugh of ACCI

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