These 11 Foods are Banned By Other Countries, Yet Americans are Still Eating Them

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All 17 of these items found in food products are banned in other developed nations, but Americans keep eating them because they don’t know the health risks.While these foods are banned elsewhere, they aren’t here – but we’re here to tell you more.

Here’s a list of 17 foods that are banned by several nations worldwide and that Americans should cut from their diet.

1. Farm-Raised Salmon

2. Genetically Engineered Papaya

3. Ractopamine-Tainted Meat

4. Flame Retardant in Drinks

5. Processed Foods With Artificial Food Colors and Dyes

6. Arsenic-Laced Chicken

7. Bread With Potassium Bromate

8. Olestra

9. Preservatives BHA and BHT

10. Milk and Dairy Products Laced With rBGH

11. Pink Slime

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