The Objection At Her Wedding Was One She Didn’t Know She Had Been Waiting For

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Their wedding day is the most important day of their lives, for many people. To the woman in the story below it is, but there is something holding her back from really enjoying this day. Check out this original, fictional story about love and family to see how her day plays out.The day just didn’t feel right. She had the wedding dress that took forever to alter to fit her just right. She had the beautiful calla lily bouquet and matching ones for her three bridesmaids who would stand by her side. Her fiancé and his groomsmen all had matching bright white ties to tie everything together. Yet, something didn’t feel right.


She sat in a spare room in the back of the church with her girls as they fretted over every detail of her appearance and as they all waited for their cue.

When she stole a glance at the clock sitting above the door, she couldn’t help thinking that time was going by too fast. The moment was almost here, but she wasn’t so sure everything was as perfect as she first planned. This wedding was a year in the making. The caterer had to be just right; the florist could only be the best in the area; even the DJ had to be the one that had to be booked a year in advance.

Her mind wandered and before she could accept it, the time had come. The wedding coordinator walked in and told them it was time to take their places. She would be last to file out, of course. She needed to make her grand entrance with the wedding march.

As everyone walked out and left her alone for a few seconds to compose herself, she pushed away her doubts and dug out the smile she knew was hiding away.

It was time, she was ready, and this is exactly what she wanted. Deep down, she knew it was.

She listened for her cue and made her way out to the back of the church. The doors were still shut allowing the mystery to continue until she made her grand appearance. She stood alone. Her father, having died years before, would not be walking her down the aisle and if the one person she wanted to be by her side couldn’t be, then she would do this alone.

When the time finally arrived, she walked out with a real smile on her face and only a little doubt inside. The altar got closer and the sadness washed away.The priest began the ceremony. She was looking into the eyes of her husband-to-be when she heard the objection called out.

Her initial shock quickly washed away as recognition stretched her mouth into the first genuine smile of the day. She knew the face she would see when she turned towards the back of the church, but her mind kept telling her it couldn’t be true. With a smile of reassurance from her groom, she turned.

There, in the doors she had walked through only moments ago, stood her brother. Her older brother who was supposed to be, at this very moment, serving overseas. She had asked him over and over if he would come, but he insisted every time that he wouldn’t be allowed. He couldn’t get the time off, he kept insisting. The last time they had spoken was the night before when he reassured her everything would be perfect at her wedding. He knew all along and she never should have doubted him.

The only person she wanted by her side as she was given away to the man of her dreams was her older brother, and he was finally here. The man who had been like a father to her ever since her father passed away.

She had already started towards the back of the church when he said her name with unshed tears in his eyes.

She flew into his arms, and she couldn’t prevent the tears from smearing mascara down her cheeks.

He brushed away her tears even as her makeup stained his white gloves: “Told you everything would be perfect, didn’t I? When have you known me to lie?”

An awkward hiccup laugh escaped her lips as she smiled up at him. She quickly grabbed his arm and was off towards the front of the church before the organist could start up the wedding march again. Too anxious to continue what would be the most wonderful day of her life.

He gave her away to her soon-to-be husband and the ceremony started where it left off before the commotion began. With a full heart and a genuine smile, she walked back to her groom’s side and was ready to finish the ceremony with her brother watching from the front row.

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