She’s A Fierce Athlete…And She’s Also Missing Both Her Arms And Her Legs

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The gym rat. We’ve all seen them. The guy so pumped up and musclebound that his arms hang at a 45 degree angle from the rest of his body. The woman so ripped that her abs could grate the hardest cheese. The weightlifters arguing over gains and spots. The jogger who looks like her body fat is down in the lower single digits (if it exists at all).

Lindsay Hilton is one such follower, and what makes her story different is the same thing that makes every day in her life unique. You see, this young woman was born without limbs. No arms. No legs. Even with such limitations, she never it stop her from pursuing her passions -and for Lindsay, that’s exercise. As a child, she learned to swim, ski, and even play rugby. Now, she participates in CrossFit and wants to tell the world how “normal” it is for her.

Now, it’s true that the 31-year-old has to modify – a bit – the various exercises and techniques involved, but she is game for everything. She loves competition and doesn’t shy away from any struggle. In fact, she welcomes it. Her attitude is one geared towards winning, not whining…though, she admits to doing a bit of that as well. As long as she can prepare herself physically and mentally for the CrossFit competitions to come, she knows she will succeed. It’s her drive that will determine her results, not what others see as limits.

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