‘She Made Sure Those Babies Would Live’: Mom With Cancer Sacrifices to Save Twins

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A hero mom sacrificed her own well-being to make sure her twin babies would survive after being diagnosed with cervical cancer at the beginning of her pregnancy. Doctors gave her limited amounts of chemo to ensure the babies would have a healthy development.

Just one day after her selfless pregnancy was over, 30-year-old Jamie Snidera died of congenital heart failure. But not before she got to hold her precious newborn twins.

The loss of Snider, who family describes as a great mother and wonderful daughter, has been hard on every family member especially her four children. According to her friend, Larina Campanile, Snider was an all around wonderful person. She had a joyous spirit and carried a loving smile where ever she went. And most importantly the mother carried it with her through every battle, including her one with cancer.

Towards the end of Snider’s pregnancy she announced she had beat cancer for the second time. She shared on Facebook that, “‘God has been by my side the whole time. All your prayers and love have kept me going as well. Wish me luck. I’m having a C-section at 7 and then a radial hysterectomy right after. I’ll be fine. Thank you, God, for keeping me positive through all the hard times.’

After overcoming all of that, one day later she died from congenital heart failure.

The family has reported that her newborn twins, Camila and Nico, are in the neonatal intensive care unit but are doing well. So are her other two children, Aubrey and Maddy.

As the family mourns the loss of a magnificent woman, her brother Chris told local news that the birth of his niece and nephew is a miracle — each one only weighed roughly three pounds. And he added in, that he’s grateful his sister “got to lay with them (and) hug them” before she passed away.

Her brother also explained that he was with his sister in the delivery room and had hoped that she would have been able to pull through. But she didn’t and he explained, “(doctors) couldn’t give her too much chemo because it would affect the development of the babies.” So “she made sure those babies would live. She traded her life.”

To raise money for the family, her four children and funeral expenses, friends have set up three different GoFundMe pages. The memorial service and the donations for her two older daughters have been met. However, the third one, which is related to the expenses incurred for her newborn twins have not. So far, the campaign has raised almost $40,000 of the $80,000 they have requested.

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