Scientists Believe This Genius 5-Year-Old Boy Has Mental Telepathy Power

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It has been a long debate if superhumans truly exist, but what if they do? The truth is, they do but they aren’t like those in the movies with extra terrestrial powers. They are special people born with incredible talents, surpassing an average human. Such individuals are called high-functioning autistic savants.

“Autistic savant” refers to individuals with autism who have extraordinary skills not exhibited by most persons. One of these gifted people is Ramses Sanguino.Yes you read it right, he can read minds! However, Ramses’ telepathy only works with his mother Nyx, and only about numbers as of now. It is suggested that the close bond between an autistic child and his mother is the key behind his special skill.

Because he is thought to be telepathic, Ramses caught the attention of neuroscientist, Dr. Diane Powell, a former faculty at Harvard Medical School. Powell who is currently studying telepathy in gifted children around the world, traveled to Los Angeles to meet Ramses, risking her reputation just to solve the mystery behind the kid’s rare talent.

Dr. Powell said, “If you think about it, if you have your primary language compromised then that would be a perfect setup for telepathy, because here you have a child and a parent who desperately want to communicate with one another but can’t.”

“I have found many autistic children who have been reported to be telepathic and I wanted to see it for myself and see if it can be evaluated and actually tested under rigorous, controlled conditions.” Though sceptical, this neuroscience expert was intrigued. “I am as confident that telepathy exists as I am a lot of things that have actually been accepted by science.”

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