REPORT: United Nations Has Turned a Blind Eye to Christian Genocide in Middle East

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The United Nations is in hot water with Christian groups for turning a blind eye to the thousands of religious minorities through out the Middle East who have reportedly died in mass numbers at the hands of ISIS.

The recent claims made by the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) and its European affiliate, the European Centre for Law and Justice (ELLJ) come months after the organizations submitted a detailed report explaining the persecution of Christians in Iraq and Syria to the United Nations Human Rights Council (OHCR), a division of the global power that is dedicated to preserving “human dignity” for all.

However, the last few years have proven that the agency has been less than critical of the Islamic terrorists and the protection of religious minorities.

According to media reports released sense ISIS has gained power, thousands of non-Muslim followers have been maimed, beaten, raped and killed.

In 2015, the DailyMail reported that over a quarter of million Christians had been killed by ISIS in the middle east.So what’s the solution? 9 months ago the ACLJ proposed legal protection for the small batches of Christian and Yazidis, an ethically Kurdish religious class who have also been killed at high numbers and are facing a declining population.

Palmer Williams with the ACLJ said, “The victims who managed to survive and escape captivity languish in refugee camps” at the moment.But that can quickly change as the massacres continue to decimate villages of Christian inhabitants and Yazidis.

So now many people including the voiceless citizens within Iraq and Syria are asking and wondering, when is the UN actually going to do something.

The Washington D.C. based ACLJ told one news now that, “The 300,000 Christians who resided in the region when ISIS brutally took over…has now dwindled to 20 to 30 Christian residents.”

Adding that “Their places of worship, ancient texts, and congregations have summarily been wiped out by ISIS,” a testament that has been reported first hand by Christians on the ground in Syria and Iraq.

In the last several months more atrocities have come out as parts of Mosul, a city that was once completely controlled by ISIS becomes liberated as well as pockets in the surrounding area become freed up from the extremists, an action that will hopefully let the “indisputable genocidal acts” come to light and to an end.

However, the ACLJ rep stressed that “The growing body of evidence demonstrates that the inhuman violence at issue is, in fact, genocide. This evidence is well-documented, and it is sickening.”

And he’s right.

Since 2014, media outlets have been reporting about Yazidi men and women being hunted down by the extremist and obviously Christians had been added to the list of persecuted people.

The DailyMail reported two years ago that swift killings of Christians in the Middle East will cause the religious minority group to be wiped out by 2025 throughout the region if they do not receive the necessary help and protection now.

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