Radio Host Hugh Hewitt Issues a Vital Warning to Christians Working in Secular Media

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Radio host Hugh Hewitt said he’s worked diligently over the years to “smuggle in the Christian gospel into a secular setting,” imploring his fellow broadcasters to ensure they deliver a “fragrance of the gospel” within their craft.

Hewitt’s comments came as he addressed the National Religious Broadcaster’s Media Leadership Dinner on Feb. 28, a gathering that was held as part of the annual National Religious Broadcasters’ International Christian Media Convention in Orlando, Florida.

In an era in which Christians and conservatives oft-times harshly criticize media and other influencers, Hewitt cautioned to take care in how such critiques are waged, according to a press release from the event.

“All of us have got to be careful to be right. [W]e cannot make a single false accusation,” Hewitt said, urging broadcasters to be diligent in how they present information. “It will break us. It will come back against us.”

But the radio host didn’t just tell those in attendance to tread carefully on content; he also said Christian media professionals should watch the ways in which they frame their peers in the secular press.

“In the secular media there are a lot of people that we treat pretty badly, and we say terrible things about them,” he said. “We shouldn’t.”

Hewitt also defended President Donald Trump against some of the claims that have been waged against him, saying that, after conducting many interviews with Trump, he’s certain he isn’t a racist, bigot, anti-Semite or Islamophobe, as some claim.

As Faithwire previously reported, other important proclamations have emerged from the convention, including a warning from Jerry A. Johnson, president and CEO of the National Religious Broadcasters, that some faithful broadcasters around the globe have been facing pushback and penalties for addressing issues relating to Islam and sexuality.

“[D]on’t be fooled if you think it could never happen in America. The quickest way to lose the freedom of speech is not to use the freedom of speech. Use it or lose it,” Johnson said during an address earlier this week. “We can and we must make and we will make NRB to the First Amendment what the NRA (National Rifle Association) is to the Second Amendment.”

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