Prison Guard Brutally Attacked By Inmate, Dramatic Footage Captures His Heroic Rescue.

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A detention officer was making his rounds processing new inmates at the Payne County Jail in Oklahoma when he was assaulted by an inmate. The officer opened a holding cell and directed 24-year-old Taska Robert Maret to the other side of the room when the inmate caught him by surprise and hit him viciously.

The footage, captured on CCTV, also showed an amazing act of kindness from another inmate in the room. Robert Charles Hammock, the second inmate, had been sitting nearby when his fellow inmate lashed out at the unsuspecting officer. When it became clear that the officer needed assistance, Hammock stood up and made his way over to intervene right when Maret turned his back.

Hammock calmly wrapped Maret up in a giant bear hug that immediately caused him to be unable to fight back. Together, Hammock and the officer took Maret to the ground and held him there until other officers arrived to help.

Captain Kevin Woodward of the Payne County Sheriff’s Office explained that the Oklahoma jail has made several budget cuts that have forced them to keep less guards on duty. “It does make it a little more dangerous for the people,” Woodward told Koco 5 News. Hopefully after this incident, that is something that will change.

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