Mother Opens Up About the Miracle Kidney Transplant that Saved Her Young Daughter’s Life

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A family’s worst nightmare came true for an American couple when their happy-go-lucky preschooler named Lyla was diagnosed with a rare kidney illness called Microscopic Polyangitis as a toddler.

After a huge search the family made viral news when they discovered their solution was closer than they would’ve ever imagined.

Lyla’s mother, Dena Carreyn, recently spoke with Faithwire about the miracle that unfolded before their eyes when it was their daughter’s pre-K teacher Beth Battista who ended up being the perfect donor match.

After successful surgeries, “they are both doing great,” Carreyn told Faithwire.

With dialysis treatments and bedroom filled with medical equipment, it was less than ideal for the family and like most parents, the Carreyn’s wanted to find a solution.So the Carreyn family went on the hunt for a “perfect” organ match which ended up leading them close to home.

But the struggles associated with caring for a sick child are still very clear in Carryn’s mind. It was one that, made the whole family “prioritize things in life a little differently.”

Explaining in an interview with Faithwire, “(I was) like any parent I’ve always dreamed of seeing my kids reach important milestones in their lives: graduating from school, finding a good job, getting married, having kids, being happy, etc.”

But, “When I learned Lyla was critically ill, all of those dreams dissolved.”

And “At that point, all I cared about was keeping her alive. One day at a time; one foot in front of the other,” she said. An experience that most parents who have been faced with children impacted life threatening diseases can relate too. However, the mother kept on fighting and praying for something to come through. That something ended up being Lyla’s preschool teacher, who got tested and shared the unexpected news in a wonderful heartwarming and surprising way. It was also a sentiment that allowed the mother to have “hope again.”

“And now, with the successful transplant behind us, I once again see a future full of health and happiness for Lyla. What more could a parent ask for?”A very true statement that makes her daughter’s illness seem like a distant past. But it also is one that is still fresh enough in the mother’s memory that she wants to share with the world what other parents facing similar situations to do. At least thinking about.

The mother advised other parents out there it take advantage of social media networks, friends and family because you never know who can help your child. The mother stressing that “Lyla’s donor match was right in front of us all along: Her preschool teacher, Beth.” And who would have guessed that.

As many other there know, there are thousands just like Lyla who are in need of an organ. There are four ways that you can help provide one according to the National Kidney Registry, a person can do a direct donation, paired exchange donation, Good Samaritan donation or an advanced donation.

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