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Kale Juice: One Of The Most Alkaline And Health-Boosting Juices

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There are certain foods and drinks in our diet that are not necessarily harmful, but can cause complications if consumed on a daily basis. Some of these foods and drinks include guilty pleasures like chocolate, candy, sodas, wine, and even coffee.

Eating these foods frequently can cause the rise of acidic levels in our system, which in turn can lead to various health complications such as long-term heartburn and inflammation.

Kale juice is one of the best natural options that can remedy the problem of acidity, and boost your overall physical well-being. Here are a few important facts you should know about the health benefits of drinking kale juice.

Why Is Alkalinity Important?

Alkalinity refers to the acidic level in our body, more precisely, the pH or potential of Hydrogen level ranging from 0 to 14. Anything under 7.34 means that our system is dealing with an acidic condition which is not conducive to our health, and can be harmful and damaging.

Once acidic levels rise, the organism becomes susceptible to various germs, bacteria, and inflammation, as the immune system also become weaker.

When recuperating from various illnesses, colds and flus also become harder, and takes twice as much time to recovery when the organism is fighting to return to an alkaline state.

How To Maintain A Healthy Alkaline Level With Kale Juice?

Juicing certain fruits and vegetables is a great way to maintain a healthy alkaline level, which will naturally boost your immune system and contribute to your overall physical well-being. At the top of the vegetable list is kale.

Not only is kale low in calories (an overall 36 calories per serving), but it is also packed with antioxidants and fibers, which help improve your metabolism. Furthermore, consuming kale in juice form will also allow the body to absorb it faster than when eaten as a salad.

Kale juice should be consumed on an empty stomach, as drinking it after meals may cause heartburn in some. This way, all the nutrients found in kale will be absorbed easier. Additionally, when preparing kale juice, do not wait too long before consuming it—drink it as soon as you prepare it.

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