Is This Why Christians Voted For Trump? – Must Watch This

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God is raising up Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump for a reason and He delights in redeeming and using flawed characters for His purpose on Earth, according to Christians for Trump director Thomas Ertl.

In response to a close friend’s email slamming Trump’s character flaws, Tom Ertl penned a letter to evangelicals urging Christians to see through the situation instead of letting their “sin meter” allow Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton to win. His friend, who is an evangelical pastor, has been a solid #NeverTrumper, News With Views notes.

Ertl slammed his friend for being upset about Trump’s lewd remarks on women which were recorded 11 years ago. He urged his friend to lay down his “sin meter” to see the big picture instead of dissecting Trump’s life in search for sin.

The Christians for Trump director cited Persian King Cyrus’ example, saying the evangelical pastor would not have approved of a womanizer, pagan, and idol worshipper being used by God to restore Israel because his “sin meter” would have detected the king’s improper lifestyle.

In addition, Ertl pointed out that Samson became the judge and protector of the Israelite for two decades despite his moral flaw and penchant for pagan women. He said God’s ways are simply not man’s ways. Jesus Christ’s lineage recorded in Matthew 1 is proof that God can use “unacceptable sinners” for His purpose on Earth.

“The lineage starts with polygamists, a prostitute, a user of prostitutes, an owner of a house of prostitution, two pagans, a murderer and two adulterers,” Ertl says in his letter. “Then comes King Solomon with 700 wives and 300 concubines. This is all in the first 15 generations, no time for the remaining 27.”

In an op-ed for Life News, Florida Prayer Network president and missionary Pam Olsen echoed Ertl’s thoughts, saying she believes God is trying to “get ahold” of Trump. She acknowledges that neither Trump nor Clinton could save America, but Jesus can. Olsen also admitted that Trump was not her first choice for a president, but she has decided to vote for the billionaire based on his pro-life stance.

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