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Home Remedies for Goiter

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1. Iodine


As earlier mentioned, the lack of iodine is among the major causes of goiter, hence, consuming diets with an adequate intake of iodine is one of the most effective ways. In a medical standpoint, the daily recommended intake of iodine is 150 micrograms for adults.

To fill your body with iodine, foods that are rich in iodine [11] such as kale, seafood, eggs, shrimp, tuna, yogurt, baked potato and so on are highly suggested to use.

Note: Excessive iodine can cause goiter; therefore, you should try to talk to your doctors about the increase in the iodine intake.

2. Garlic


Garlic can make itself a trusted home remedy for goiter since it can encourage the formation of glutathione [12] [13] in your body that plays an important role in keeping thyroid functioning healthy. In addition, this fresh ingredient assists in relieving the swelling in the neck. All you need to do is to consume 3 or 4 garlic cloves every day in the morning. You can opt for adding it into your daily diets.

In case you do not enjoy the taste of garlic, you can take garlic supplements. Ask the doctors for proper intake.

3. Green Tea

Green tea is strongly suggested by many herbalists about its wonderful effect of treating goiter. This home remedy is loaded with high level of antioxidant as well as natural fluoride; hence; it helps significantly in keeping your thyroid healthy. Green tea affords numerous health benefits, including preventing goiter from returning.


How to apply:

Add a teaspoon of green tea leaves to a cup of hot water
Cover and then steep for about five minutes
After straining, mix it well with some honey
Consume the tea more than thrice per day

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4. Lemon Balm Tea

One of the most amazing health benefits of lemon balm tea is it can support the immunity and thereby regulating hormone levels. Lemon balm tea is among top home remedies for goiter because it is high in selenium [16] [17] that helps the thyroid regulate well by managing all the activities of the pituitary glands. Before using this treatment, you need to make sure that you are not suffering from glaucoma.

How to apply:

Grab two teaspoons of dried or fresh lemon balm in a cup of boiling water
Cover it and allow it to steep for 10 minutes
After straining, mix it well with some honey and drink
Drink the tea thrice per day for the better results

5. Coconut Oil

Thanks to the lauric acid found in this fresh ingredient that has anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-protozoa agents, coconut oil [18] can act as a good goiter removal. It also holds medium chain of monoglycerides and fatty acids that your body needs to produce more energy. Applying coconut oil can help relieve the inflammation and speed up the process of healing damaged tissues.


How to apply:

Add equal amount of each coconut oil to unsalted butter
Mix them well with hot coffee till the solution is dissolved
Consume the mixture per day every morning and evening

You can opt for adding this in your smoothies.

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6. Pineapple

The good source of minerals and vitamins make pineapple become one of the most excellent home remedies for goiter. This treatment can help reduce goiter symptoms, especially coughing. All you need to do is to turn this healthy fruit as a part of your regular diet to notice positive outcome in early time.


7. Kelp

Commonly known as a kind of seaweed, kelp [20] is rich in iodine that assists in balancing the function of thyroid. It also contains magnesium, iron, potassium, iron and calcium. Since its taste is salty, you can add it to replace salt in salad, soup or other dishes. Alternatively, you can consume kelp in capsule form but first, do take your doctor’s consultation.


8. Cold Shower

To treat goiter workably, you can have a cold shower for two times a day. Cold shower is believed to encourage the thyroid gland and help it function properly. This is considered as one of the most amazing home remedies for goiter.

9. Selenium-rich Food

A recent study has reported that the thyroid gland requires selenium to work properly. The lack of selenium can make the thyroid gland heavy and hence weakening your health condition. Therefore, consuming foods that are rich in selenium [21] is extremely important for the re-production of thyroid hormones.


Some selenium-rich food can include:

Sunflower seeds
Wheat germ
Brown rice
Fatty Fish
Brazil nuts

10. Diet – Eating Plan

Consume some fresh fruits such as oranges, apples, pineapple and vegetables, particularly leafy green ones
Add iodine and selenium-rich foods to your diets in order to prevent against goiter
Try to avoid spicy and greasy foods
Drink lots of water and healthy fruit and vegetable juices
Consume iron-rich foods [22] to help relieve goiter symptoms and promote the thyroid gland
Eat foods that are rich in vitamin A and vitamin B
Consume up to 6 meals instead of 3 big meals as usual to take care of your metabolism
Limit the intake of gluten [23]

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