He Died After His Random Act Of Kindness, But What He Did Inspired The Whole World

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No matter how chaotic our world is, there will always be rays of lights that can halt even the engulfing darkness of hate and anger — through simple act of kindness.29-year-old Canadian Jamie-Lynne Knighten, a mom of two, was lucky to experience such random act of kindness from a complete stranger, named Matthew Jackson, 28. But in an unfortunate turn of events, Jaime-Lynne will never have a chance to thank him personally.

She tried to use her credit card but failed because her card had an anti-fraud lock due to her constant travelling and forgot to notify the bank.Jamie said, “A gentleman behind me quietly says ‘May I?’”

“I’m overwhelmed and didn’t think I heard him correctly so he repeats ‘May I? May I take care of your groceries?’ “I stutter and say ‘Oh, thank you how sweet, but no thank you, you don’t have to do that’.

“So he calmly repeats himself again. This time I look at him and he says ‘ I would be glad to take care of your groceries as long as you promise to do it for someone else ‘ and I came to realize how much it would mean to him if I humbly accepted. So I did.”

Jamie-Lynne tried to call Mathew after finding out his name and the gym where he worked. But was shattered to find that Matthew Jackson died in a car accident just hours after he came to her rescue at the grocery store.

Knighten said, “This past week has been a whirlwind with family so yesterday while the babies were asleep I finally had the chance to call his boss. I wanted to let him know how incredible of an employee he has and to find out if I could get his last name to send him a thank you card and small gift. I hear crying on the other end of the line and my heart sinks. I just knew something was wrong. His boss quietly informs me that this incredible human being was in a tragic car accident the very next night and passed away. Not even 24 hours after meeting him. Gone. Just like that. How? Why? I don’t understand.”

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