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Grandfather Brutally Bashed By Granddaughter Captured on CCTV

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Police are investigating the incident, which happened just after 4pm at the Nerang Mall shopping centre on Tuesday when the woman started verbally abusing Bruce McNair on the footpath outside the Terry White Chemist.Yesterday the victim’s wife Jenny McNair said it was a terrifying attack and her husband was still in pain.

“This kind of attack should never happen to anyone, at any age. No one deserves this,” she said. “They are cowards.”Mrs McNair said she was frightened for the safety of her family after the woman threatened her family.”My stomach is churning. I can’t stop shaking,” she said.

“I’m just so upset by all of this.”I’m frightened for all our safety. She has threatened us before.”This woman is a loose cannon, and my husband — we’ve been married for 45 years — he doesn’t deserve this.”He’s a good bloke, he’s such a good man.”He deserves much better than the garbage we have had to deal with because of her.”

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