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Doctors Don’t Know Why, But This 18-Month-Old Baby Weighs Nearly 40 Pounds

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What constitutes happy and healthy? For new parents, it’s the old five/two rule. Two eyes. Two ears. Two arms and two legs, each with five fingers and five toes. Beyond that, size also matters. An underweight baby, usually the result of a premature birth, can be dangerous. But for one child in India, the exact opposite is causing concern.

When she was born, little Chahat Kumar was like any other child. She seemed happy, and above all, healthy. Her parents were glad, and all seemed well. Then, when she hit four months, they started to notice something. It was subtle at first, but as time passed, it became a bigger – and we do mean BIGGER – concern.

You see, Chahat started gaining weight at an alarming rate. No matter what the family did, the child simply grew larger and larger. Now, at age 18 months, the baby is nearing 40 pounds, which is the size of a normal four year old. And the most depressing thing? Doctors are unsure why the infant continue to balloon in size and she needs to be seen by specialists in the city for any possible treatment plans.

Because of her size, however, Chahat cannot have the blood tests needed to forward her prognosis. Why? Well, there is too much fat between the needle and the veins to give an accurate reading. It will take more technically advanced approaches to get a proper reading on what is going on. All her mother wants is a happy…and healthy…child. We hope so as well.

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