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8 Uses of Hydrogen Peroxide that You Don’t Know. The 6th is Mind Blowing.

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Apart from production of bleaching chemicals, hydrogen peroxide seems to have other amazing uses that you did not know about. Hydrogen peroxide is a colorless, viscous, unstable liquid with strong oxidizing properties, commonly used in diluted form in disinfectants and bleaches. Below are 8 surefire uses of hydrogen peroxide that you will find useful.

1. First, for easy application, consider getting a spray bottle top for your hydrogen peroxide. You can also spray some into your dishwasher for an extra clean.

2. Hydrogen Peroxide + Water + Dish soap = a fun activity with your kids.

3. A drop or two of hydrogen peroxide will clear out any gunk in your ears.

4. By soaking your feet in hydrogen peroxide and hot water for 30 minutes, your dry and cracked heels will be no more!

5. Burnt food and grease stains are no match for hydrogen peroxide!

6. Hydrogen peroxide, coupled with baby shampoo, make the perfect makeup brush disinfectant

7. Hydrogen peroxide really is a universal cleaner. Just mix it in with water lemon essential oil and you’ve got yourself a deep cleaning mix for your carpet!

8. Your toothbrushes are filled with bacteria.

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