7 Things You Shouldn’t Apologize For In A Relationship (Although You Think You Should)

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Sustaining a healthy and successful relationship is never a walk in the park. In order to sustain them, there is always the need for hard work, sincere intentions and most importantly, compromises. Being in a relationship is about a lot more than being right all the time, so of course sometimes we’re willing to say sorry for things our more petulant selves wouldn’t want to apologize for.

For instance, even if you think you’ve done nothing wrong but your partner is upset, sometimes you have to stand up and say, “I’m sorry my actions have upset you. Let’s find a compromise where we can both get what we need out of this conversation.” Because that’s all being a grown-up is: having the ability to compromise. And all having a functional relationship means is that you communicate, make mutually acceptable compromises, and always work towards building and maintaining that relationship. However, there are a number of things that you do not need to apologize for, even if you feel that is what the situation calls for.

1. You should never apologize for your faith
We are all allowed the freedom to worship and it is in our nature as human beings to believe in something or someone. There are situations where you find yourself to be more religious than your partner, or you basically share a different faith from your partner. This does not mean that one’s faith is more important than the other, but you should not be made to feel sorry for what you believe in. You should be confident in your faith and stand up for it, but do not forget to respect the faith of your partner too.

2. You should never apologize for loving someone
Always celebrate the fact that you are able to love. There are many people in the world too scared to take a chance on love in the first place. It doesn’t matter who you love or if they love you back. The fact that you can love is what’s important.

3. Don’t apologize for simply saying “No”
Couples do not always agree on things because these are two different people and it’s normal for them to sometimes differ in one thing or the other. Respecting your own limitations is a sign of self respect. If you cannot give 100 percent to something you should never apologize for saying no. The ability to say no is a sign of someone who knows what they are doing and what they want.

4. You should not apologize for following your dreams
Before a couple coming together, they were individuals. Every individual usually has their own dreams and plans of which they would like to accomplish in their lifetime. However, some people will fail to follow their dreams because their partner does not either support or approve of the dream. Our dreams makes us who we are and if you decide to follow your heart and do what you do best and makes you happy, then you should not be sorry.

5. Never apologize for your imperfections
Each person is fearfully and wonderfully created, but there are always the existent imperfections that are visible to the human eye either in terms of behavior or just physique. Imperfections are what makes you beautiful and unique. They should be embraced. Never say you’re sorry for a quality that makes you imperfectly perfect. Rather, you should be accepted as you are.

6. Don’t apologize for speaking the truth
Strong people tell the truth. Never apologize for being strong. Even if the truth hurts, the benefits of honesty far outweigh the initial sting of the truth.

7. You should not apologize for having high expectations
Never apologize for expecting the same of your partner as you expect of yourself. Having high expectations only means that you care enough about them to push them to be their best.

Be true to who you are and let your partner accept you for who you are. Over apologizing or saying I’m sorry when it’s not necessary reduces self-esteem over time. Save “I’m sorry” for when you actually make a mistake.

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