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Woman Was Stabbed 32 Times And Survived, 4 Years Later, All Her Tragedy Turned Into Something Very Special.!

Melisa was so excited to be attending college and start her adult life. When she told her boyfriend she was leaving him to pursue her dreams, he pulled out a knife and stabbed her 32 times.! It was a horrible tragedy but EMT Cameron Hill reached the scene in time and stabilize Melisa as she was being rushed to the hospital..He saved his life.

10 months later after Melissa had survived and recovered from the horrible occcurance, she decided to share her story to the crown in which the man who saved her life was. After an emotional reunion from that day, the two began to talk, realizing how much they had in common and love began to bloom.

Watch what happened months later after what started as a rescuing mission for a patient ended up with a beautiful proposal.!!

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