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When A New Mom Falls Into A Coma, Her Baby Does This to Save Her Life

If all it takes is a baby’s cries to wake a mother up from the cold sleep of a near fatal coma, it just proves love triumphs even over death.A new mother from North Carolina had just given birth by emergency C-section to a beautiful little girl.

However, hours after the procedure, she still wouldn’t wake up, and doctors began to worry they might lose her.Doctors had done all they could for 23-year-old Shelley Cawley, and despite her family and friends praying for her to wake up, it didn’t look like she would make it to the next day.

Her husband, Jeremy Cawley, 35, was in shock, and feeling helpless just standing by her bedside. Their newborn baby, Rylan was healthy and resting in the hospital’s neonatal ward while her mother was slowly slipping away from them.

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