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Video of Married Couple Collapsing Due to Heroin Overdose Goes Viral

Don’t do drugs, kids. Just DON’T.

Most of us know that drugs are bad for us, but unfortunately there are some who need to be sorely reminded just how bad things can get for druggies. Now social media can be used as an effective tool to educate people on the effects of drug abuse and this video is a good example of that.

A man named Courtland Garner captured on Facebook Live a shocking footage of a couple writhing on the floor in broad daylight, which was reported to be because of heroin overdose. Carla Hiers, 59, and her partner reportedly snorted some heroin in a bathroom of a Walgreens store in Memphis, Tennessee before they spiraled out of control out in the street. The couple were reported to be long-time addicts. A crowd gathered around to watch the couple collapsing on the ground.

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