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This One-Legged Soccer Player Will Inspire You to Follow Your Dreams

Looking at Nico Calabria’s achievements, you will instantly realize that he’s not an ordinary guy.

This boy tried every sport he can – basketball, gymnastics, wrestling, and ultimately, soccer – the sport he would be very passionate of as he grew up. When he was 13, he was able to raise money amounting to over $100,000 after successfully climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. In secondary school, he qualified for their school’s varsity soccer team. He was able to score a goal for the team which eventually went viral online as its video gained around 2 million views on YouTube.

He was also chosen to star for a Powerade campaign called Powering Through. The ad was launched at the Kicking and Screening Soccer Film Festival at Tribeca Cinemas New York.

You want to know what else makes Nico very extraordinary? He was born with only one leg – and a left leg at that.

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