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This Man Agreed to Have His Burned Hand Sewn Into His Stomach

In the hope of saving his badly burned left hand, Frank Reyes — an 87-year-old retired cattle ranch worker and school bus driver who lives in Missouri City, Texas — agreed to have it sewn into a pocket of tissue in his abdomen. Reyes’ family, of course, thought the procedure was something out of a sci-fi movie, but they agreed to it as well. After all, they had said they were willing to try “anything” to save his hand.

Houston Methodist Hospital plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Echo was responsible for the mind-boggling operation.

Reyes was home alone when figured in an accident last June. He was changing a tire on a trailer when the jack slipped and pinned his hand against a fender. Reports say that it was more than 100 degrees that afternoon and the metal on the fender became like an iron burning Reyes’ hand. It took half an hour before Reyes was rescued.

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