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This Homeless Man’s Poem Speaks Truths Often Unspoken. I am Humbled.

Sometimes i cry in the dark of the night as i lie in my bed and i turn off the lights i look back on my life all the things that i did all the words never spoken all the secrets i’ve hidden all the children i’ve had that i didn’t take care of there may be a few i’m not even aware of all the people i’ve hurt all the pain i’ve awoken all the things that i’ve taken all the hearts that i’ve broken all the thinks that i said that i couldn’t take back and what i did to myself, wait im coming to that i got drunk, i feel drugs and i lived like a dog i had no heart at all and my mind was a fog as i look back on all of these things that i’ve done my past is all blackness my life is no fun so i look to the sky and i ask for forgiveness but there’s anyone here, only God is my witness and i know why i feel all these feelings inside now you too should understand why sometimes i cry.

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