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This Baby Was Expected To Die Until Doctors Did This With Google Cardboard!

Sometimes everything seems to be going wrong, just to tell you, if anything, this should be the time not to give up hope and to turn to God in faith and believe that He always has everything worked out for you. This is little Teegan’s story fighting against all odds for a chance at life.

Cassidy and Chad Lexcen were beyond overjoyed when their twin daughters were born. Teegan and Riley were their names. Much to the new parents’ dismay, they learned that Teegan had a heart and lung defect so rare that the doctors there in Minnesota had never seen it before. This defect left the little child with only one lung and she was missing nearly the entire left half of her heart. So, the doctors said there was nothing they could do and sent her home in hospice care to be kept as comfortable as possible.

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