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Teacher Asks Students To Write Anonymous Notes, The Dark Secrets They Reveal Cannot Be Ignored!

Kyle Schwartz is a third grade teacher at Doull Elementary in Denver, Colorado, she recently came with an assignmenet for her students, to help her get to know the world they lived in better and help her understand just where and how she could help them.

She asked them to complete the following sentence: “I wish my teacher knew…”. She already knew that 93% of her students qualified for meal assistance, but their personalized notes painted a chilling reality of what it actually looked like in their every day lives.As the teacher got to reading her studnts’ notes, her heart broke over the secrets that her students so readily shared with her.

They were just waiting to be asked.Some of their comments were simple and light but others were deep and dark. Either way, Kyle knew that what her students revealed had to be shared with the world to help other kids all over the world who needed to be heard. She shared some of the notes on her social media profiles and now teachers in over seventeen states are implementing the same assignment, and it’s transforming student-teacher connections in an amazing way!

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