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She Left A Goodbye Message For Her Parents After Falling 100 Feet Off Cliff, Then The Unthinkable Happens.!

If you are thinking of going hiking alone, you need to watch this.. Amber Kohnhorst, a nurse had gone hiking when she took the wrong step and ended up tumbling down the side of a large cliff over 100 feet down.!She tried to call the police and sent text messages to multiple contacts, but being stuck in the Arizona cliffs prevented her phone from receiving any signal.

Amber, seeing her end decided to write a heart-wrenching goodbye note to her parents when she realized that she had extreme injuries and might not survive.After writing her final words and a final selfie, Amber Kohnhorst awaited her death on the side of an Arizona cliff for over 24 hours.
The a miracle happened..A search and rescue helicopter found Amber before it was too late and brought her to the Minnesota clinic to get the necessary medical treatment. Coincidentally, the hospital she was brought to was the same one she works at as a nurse.!

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