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She Faced a Death Punishment From her parents For Denouncing her Islam faith

In 2009 a teenager, Rifqa Bary, escaped her home to get away from her Muslim family after she faced a death punishment from her family for denouncing her Islam faith and converting to Christianity. The sixteen year old fled from her home in New Albany,Ohio to Florida where she found refuge with christian friends she found on Facebook in Florida.

Rifqa’s parents found out about her new religion four years after she had converted to Christianity and got furious. As had heard stories of the so called ‘honor killings’ for those who renounced their Islam faith, she feared that if she went back home, her father would try to kill her. She said, “This is not just some threat, this is reality. This is truth”

“In some Muslim cultures, like mine, this kind of violation is a great source of dishonor,Yet the shame is not attached to the abuser; it is cast on the victim. So not only was I viewed now in my parents’ eyes as a half-blind picture of imperfection, but I was also a shameful disgrace to the Bary name. My mere presence and appearance were a stain against the most important thing of all, our family honor.” She further adds.

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