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She Dies While Pregnant – Then Her Husband Does The Only Thing He Thinks Might Help

Melanie and Doug Pritchard thought her pregnancy was just going to end in a run-of-the-mill delivery. But when it began, she started to not feel well. Suddenly, she began convulsing, and everything on her monitors started flat-lining. Melanie was rushed to the emergency room for a C-section. They found out she was dying from a rare allergic reaction during pregnancy that caused her heart and lungs to shut down. Melanie was clinically dead when her daughter was delivered. Doug was devastated, thinking that suddenly he was a widower. He began to pray, holding hands with his other loved ones that were there to support them.

Doctors were able to resuscitate Melanie, though she was unconscious, and Doug was allowed to see his daughter, who he named Gabriella. The family was told to say their goodbyes, and Doug asked Melanie to fight with whatever she had left, not wanting their daughter to grow up without a mom. Just a day after being declared dead, Melanie was moved to the Mayo clinic for another surgery. Doug did his best to tell her how great she was doing and how much she was loved, and Melanie’s sister brought in a picture of Gabriella so she could see her at least once.

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