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Police Officer Caught Washing A Blind Homeless Man’s Feet In This Touching Video..

A police officer cleaning the feet of a blind homeless man has been captured in a heartwarming photo.

“We cleaned him up and gave him new clothes,” said Sgt. Steve Wick, who is the officer seen in the photo cutting the man’s toenails. “we tried to get his feet in shape so he could put shoes on. His vision deteriorated to a point where he couldn’t function as well anymore.”

The homeless man was nearly blind when the sergeant and his partner, Senior Officer Colin Mansfield, spotted him sitting on a bench.

They brought him to a sobering center in order to help get him cleaned up. They believe that helping out your fellow man is how they serve their community best. Bless them..Don’t forget to SHARE these compassionate officers with all of your friends and family!

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