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Mom Dies Giving Birth Until The Cry of Her Baby Brought Her Back To Life!

Twenty three year old Shelly Cawley and her husband Jeremy had checked into the hospital for the birth of their child. It was supposed to have been an easy and natural birth but things took an abrupt turn, Shelly developed complications and had to be rushed into the operation room for a c-section. Their daughter, Rylan, was delivered as healthy as could be but Shelly wouldn’t wake up. Blood clots clogged her vitals, and she slipped into a deadly coma that the doctors feared she would never wake up from.

Shelly’s husband explained, “The doctors had done everything they could. At this time, they were absolutely sure that they would lose Shelly. You are so unbelievably excited that your child is born…and in the next moment you believe you’ll have to say farewell to your wife forever. It was like being numbed.”

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