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Mom Chooses To Die During Childbirth To Save Son

In Aurora, Colorado, a woman made a heroic decision by sacrificing her own life to save the life of her unborn child, according to local reports.

Karisa Bugal and her husband arrived in the delivery room on Nov. 3 ready to welcome their new son Declan into the world. Their excitement turned despair after doctors discovered Karisa had a rare condition called amniotic fluid embolism, which happens when protective fluid around the baby escapes into the rest of the mother’s body, which leads to a breakdown of her organs.

Karisa then had to make a choice: get immediate surgery to save herself while endangering little Declan or get immediate cesarean and lose her own life. Karisa chose to save little Declan before dying shortly after. Along with Declan, she leaves behind both a husband and daughter.

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