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Mom Catches Her Toddler Saying A Sweet Bedtime Prayer

Little Sutton’s parents heard something coming from her baby monitor, and when they listened closer, they were amazed. One hour after they put her to sleep, she woke up again to say her night time prayer. Her parents, Caleb and Kathryn turned up the monitor to hear what she had to say to God.

She poured out her heart by praying for all of the people most important to her including her mommy and daddy, her grandma, all of her friends, and more. Being only two years old, she has an incredible amount of faith to be able to do this all on her own and to realize that God listens to her no matter where, and no matter when. But she isn’t only praying, she is showing her thankfulness to those around her. She specifically says, “Thank you,” for each one of her family and friends in her adorable, lengthy time with God.

Her prayer lasts a full two minutes, and she never stops to think of praying for anything for herself. Her sweetness is shown through this beautiful prayer to God for others, and she finishes by shouting out a loud, “Amen!”

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