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His Wife Died Tragically—2 Yrs Later, a Cop Shows Her Husband a Pic on Her Stolen Camera…

Dave and Erica Lacey had spent months planning the perfect wedding. Everything was set, the wedding cake, the dress, then days before the wedding Erica was diagnosed with lymphoma.She passed away at the age of 30.One of the few memories Dave had left of Erica was a camera full of pictures from their lives, from their wedding to her funeral. In 2012 burglars broke into Dave’s home and stole anything of value—including his beloved camera.

“It just didn’t seem fair because after all that we went through, to lose those, it was like a punch in the gut,” he said in an interview with CNN.The camera had over 300 pictures on it that were now gone forever.

A year later there was another break in at a completely different home. This time detectives recovered most of the items at a local pawn shop—including a camera. When the police found the camera they turned it on and began going through the pictures. Seeing wedding photos and funeral photos they immediately knew these pictures were extremely important.

The officers had nothing to go off of to return the camera, there was no name or phone number, but they did have one thing—the pictures. One of the images had a recognizable tree and a brown wall that one of the officers recognized.

They were able to go to the exact spot where the picture was taken and that’s where they spotted Dave Lacey. At first Dave thought it was a joke, that’s when they handed him the camera and you can imagine what happened next…

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