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Heartbreaking Story of Identical Twins Battling a Cruel Genetic Disorder That’s Left One Disfigured and the Other With No Memory.

Adam and Neil Pearson were born the splitting image of each other as identical twins. Often, even their mother couldn’t tell them apart, but now the 31 year olds couldn’t look any more different from each other because of a rare genetic condition known as type 1 neurofibromatosis (NF1).

Adam’s face has been left disfigured by non-cancerous tumors that began growing uncontrollably when he was a child.He has already undergone 33 operations to remove them, but he has been left blind in one eye and is losing his vision in the other eye. He was called ‘quasimodo’ and ‘scarface’ at school because of his appearance but he has since grown up to be a TV presenter and campaigner for people with deformities, produced and starred in shows such as Beauty and the Beast and The Undateables,Under The Skin among many others.

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