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Fat Suit Tinder Social Experiment Reveals How Shallow Guys Could Be

Tinder is the go-to app for people who are looking for a date or a hookup—or maybe both. It’s not saying it’s for shallow people looking for a quick steamy romp, but most guys use it for that very sole purpose. Even studies have shown that the number fear for men when dating online is meeting a fat chick. Now who’s to say guys aren’t swimming in shallow waters? To confirm this study, the guys at Simple Pickup put it to the test in this social experiment.

They had an attractive lady named Sarah use her gorgeous photos to set up dates on Tinder. But when it was time to meet the guys, she wore a fat suit to see how they would react.Sadly, out of everybody she met, only one decided to stick around, proving the study true. Maybe for Tinder users.

What do you guys think about the results of this social experiment? Share your thoughts when you share this video.

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