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Doctors Told Them To Say Goodbye to Their Premature Son, But They Refused to Pull The Plug

Joel and Ginger Millermon were ecstatic when they learned they were having twin boys. Unfortunately, their vision of a perfect family slowly eroded when the twins were born two months premature.

The twins, Brennan and Jarrot, were born with underdeveloped lungs, so they were placed on ventilators to survive. Jarrot in particular, was in critical condition when doctors discovered the very same ventilator keeping him alive was destroying his tiny lungs.Learning Jarrot’s chances were close to zero, they prepared to say farewell, but even the neonatal intensive care nurse wouldn’t let them touch him. Jarrot’s heart rate was racing at a rapid pace and he was overstimulated. The grief-stricken parents couldn’t even kiss or hug their son goodbye.

However, neither the medical staff nor the Millermons were prepared for Jarrot’s incredible struggle to live. He continued to hang on for the next six months, but his chronic lung condition didn’t improve.

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