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Doctor Turns a Breech Fetus So that it Would Face Head-Down, in Just 2 Minutes.

We’ve seen astonishing phenomenons like babies who are born while still fully inside the amniotic sac to others who took less than two minutes to be born and some who were born by twin mothers at the same time. This is yet another phenomenon, captured in this video clip. A doctor at the Royal Sussex Hospital in Brighton, England, performed an external cephalic version (EVC), turning a breech fetus so that it would face head-down, all this in just two minutes.

The mother to be was about thirty six weeks along,when they noticed the baby was breeched. As the doctor begins to rotate the baby he says to the mom, “It’s going to be uncomfortable, but not unbearably painful, If you cannot tolerate it, just say so.” and get to it.His expert hand move ever so gently and you can see how the foetus is moving in her mother’s belly as he finishes up, the mom blushes and begins to chuckle and says, “It felt funny.” In no time the incredible spectacle is over and the parents to be are in relief.

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