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Daddy Asks His Little Girl Some Important Questions. Her Answers Have Mommy Cracking Up

He sits his tiny daughter in her high chair for a hilarious interview. She voices her thoughts, and dad’s reaction is priceless. Though she is young, she doesn’t hesitate to give her honest answers. Some questions are deep, others are silly, but she listens very closely to her daddy to prepare what she’s going to say.

Her sweet little voice will melt your heart as she does her best to pronounce her answers. Even when daddy doesn’t understand her, he gives her extra time to let him know exactly what she’s thinking. He asks her, “Why do you refuse to sleep in the night?” Her answers throws daddy off guard, but even daddy’s curve ball questions can’t outwit his little girl. She focuses in on the question and takes a bight of her food to energize herself for the next question that comes her way.

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